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Create engaging and
life changing plastic
recovery campaigns

Engage with your customers, boost sales and clean the planet trough inspiring plastic recovery campaigns.

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Frequently Asked Questions
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How does Plastiks work?

Plastiks enables everyone to take verifiable and immediate action against plastic pollution. With our technology, we connect companies and individuals with recovery entities. We believe that plastic recovery should be tangible, transparent and fun. This is why we save all transactions on the blockchain and why we let companies create fun and engaging plastic recovery campaigns.

Is Plastiks only for businesses, or can individuals participate?

Plastic recovery is for everyone who wants to make a real, tangible impact. Individuals can support directly, companies can create engaging and life-changing campaigns.

How do I ensure that plastic has actually been recovered?

Plastiks audits and certifies Plastic Recovery Entities, enabling them to issue our Plastic Credits. Various documents are generated throughout their activity of recovering and recycling plastic. The core of the Plastic Credit is the Invoice for the sale of plastics, while the Proof of Payment, the Waybill and the Receipt from the Recycler serve to verify the authenticity of the plastic recovery and recycling at various stages and locations. Plastiks scans, contrasts, and detects inconsistencies and anomalies both within the different interconnected data provided for a Plastic Credit and across the existing information from all previously issued Plastic Credits by the same Entity.

How do I ensure the roadmaps have been met?

To ensure transparency, the Entity designs a roadmap that publicly outlines its specific needs, wants, solutions and development processes with a provided definition template. The template includes sections on location, baseline scenario, threats, solutions, opportunities, project description, scope, operational, social and environmental goals, expected outcomes, contributions, stakeholders, project phases, visuals, timeline, budget, and supporting evidence. Plastiks approves or denies the roadmap and sets several types of evidence the Entity will provide once the funds are utilized. Audits are conducted before and after the execution.

Can I support to the Recovery Entities directly?

Yes, supporting plastic recovery is easy. Find your favourite Recovery Entity Here and choose how much you like to support in the widget on their profile.

How can I have a sustainability profile on Plastiks?

Setting up a profile on the Plastiks app is a breeze. Simply click the 'Login' button at the top of the screen's header and connect easily with your email, social login, or Web3 wallet.

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